Why have Staphylococcus aureus, Syphilis, Yeast, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea become drug-resistance infections that antibiotics cannot cure


How You Can Easily Cure INFECTIONS, STIs Permanently

  • Regardless Of Your Age
  • Regardless of how long you’ve had this infection.
  • Even if your doctor has told you that your disease is permanent and has no solution (that’s a big lie).


Or you get every penny you spend back.

Dear Friend,

If you are wondering why:

  • You have internal heat, itchiness, or irritation  in the genital area
  • Smelly down there? (fish like smell)
  • Constant discomfort (from everything or due to pain)
  • Bloating (feeling always bloated no matter what you eat?)
  • Gas (that’s driving you crazy, but you are not able to do anything about it?)
  • Digestive problems or abdominal pain.
  • Feeling bad /sick/ uncomfortable/miserable all over (out of control feeling)
  • Constipation (from moderate to severe lasting 4-8 days)
  • Always mucus in stool
  • You’re always having painful or burning sensation during urination
  • You have a bad odor from the vagina or penis
  •  Antibiotics don’t work for your staphylococcus, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis
  • Those expensive herbs and drugs you get do not help you get back to normalcy
  • Constant persistent itching (private area or around other skin areas, that you just cannot stop/control?)

Then the next 3 minutes are going to change your life…because…what I am about to share with you is going to show you exactly how to rid yourself of those infections permanently.

…without spending a lot of money, wasting time on multiple tests

…while avoiding killing yourself with medications you know nothing about 

You see…

I discovered the solution to cure infections 5 years ago…

When my life was almost turned apart.


My name is Dr. Nana 

(Not my real name because I would lose so many of my rich connections for what I’m about to reveal to you in this article)…

And I was a medical doctor.

A senior one at that.

Now what I’m about to share with you is guaranteed to cure you of any stubborn infection in your system in 1 week or less

But first, it’s more than important you accept these two things in your mind:

  • Accept that, having a serious infection is not the end of life no matter the life-threatening damage it must have caused you. You’ll heal back in Jesus’ name. Amen!
  • Secondly, accept that finally, this is the last time you will ever want to go through these intense pains… (If you take my advice).

You see,

A few years ago I couldn’t help the most precious person in my life (my life)…

I almost lost her to STI…

But what happened that night got back to my wife and the same solution has saved 132+ Nigerians today.

In 2016, my wife battled with an infection, a horrible experience that almost questioned my profession as a doctor…

It started with rashes, sores, and bumps around her genital area.

That’s not even the worse part…

She noticed a “whitish” discharge from her private part.

She told me about it.

I quickly got her antibiotics because I knew they were symptoms of infection… 

It was fine.

She was without the pains and symptoms…

Until that faithful evening.

On a cold Thursday – I returned from work with “KFC Chicken” on my arm…

Only to be welcomed by a scary scene of my wife rolling on the floor.

She could not stand.

Her pelvic region was feeling sharp pain and each time she wants to urinate, abnormal bleeding occurs in her private part.

I couldn’t watch the scene so I rushed her to the hospital for a proper test.

That was when it hit me she was suffering from Staphylococcus aureus.

Right there, she was injected with powerful antibiotics to dry up the infection once and for all so she can be totally free…

But guess what?

It only lasted for about 37 days…

And then, it came back much stronger.

I consulted my colleagues about my wife’s situation…

But to my biggest surprise – the antibiotics that were supposed to cure her were actually curing the symptoms and leaving the infection inside to grow,

The greatest shocker was when we found out…

She was reacting to the antibiotics.

One day, I consulted a senior medical expert abroad (my master’s project supervisor), and he told me that the only thing he knows that cures Infections were antibiotics…


Staphylococcus aureus, Syphilis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea had become a drug-resistance infection that antibiotics cannot cure.

 ‘My Goodness My wife’ These were the words that unconsciously came out of my mouth right there.

I felt completely helpless and miserable because as a medical doctor…

I could not  help my wife

Every night she would hold her stomach crying because of the pain in her lower abdomen

She was always having fever and fatigue,

One day the pain got so severe

I had to rush her to the hospital…

I could not help her, my colleagues couldn’t help and she was crying in pain… 

“daddy! are you not a doctor again?  why is mommy feeling this pain?” 

My daughter looked at me and said: 

“Is mummy going to die?”

I burst into tears.

At this moment tears will roll down the cheeks of my beautiful daughter as she gazed at me.

All the years spent in medical school seemed like a waste my profession was questioned!!!

I needed a solution…

I was sitting at one corner of the hospital lobby thinking of how to save my wife when I saw Nelson…

One of my past patients recommended a natural herbal infection cleanser that healed my wife within the first 15 days of use.

As a medical expert…

I doubted its effectiveness.

But since it was my wife that was on the line.

Since I’ve used every medical pill I could lay my hands on…

Yet her condition was just getting worst…

I had no choice but to try it out on her.

And that decision happened to be the best I’ve done in my life apart from marrying my angel.

This amazing Infection Cleanser didn’t just treat the symptoms but also got rid of the infection completely. 

In fact, she started noticing some changes after using it for 6days.

Now, my wife is totally free from Staphylococcus aureus, she is back on her feet and my family is happy again.

And this same solution is what I’ll hand over to you in a few minutes…

The best part? If it doesn’t work for you – you can get your money back. Guaranteed!

Of course…

I know you’ve tried several drugs and injections…

Even the so-called herbal products… 

And it seems “You can’t find a final solution to your problem”. 

Like you, I was frustrated and hopeless too…

In fact, before I met my former patient

I had bought 2 drugs – which was even the reason why her case got critical because the herbal drugs were eating her up.

But this solution has now been tested in my hospital, Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, Lab Unit #4 (where I work)

And it’s been proven to be 100% safe for consumption.

But I won’t sugarcoat this – because there’s a side effect of the solution I’m about to share with you 

And that is – once you take it, it’ll slow your system down.

So if you have ALOT of work to be done that day, take it at night.

That’s all.

And in 2 weeks from this very moment, you’ll become FREE from these wicked  INFECTIONS

Listen carefully!

I’m not supposed to say this…

It’s bitter but here’s the truth:

Most Doctors And Pharmacists Don’t Want You To Be Free From These infections Completely!

I know you don’t know this…

But I’ll tell you for free (because your life is on the line)… 

Believe me or not…

You are just a victim of lies and deceit brought by pharmaceutical companies who are desperately trying to keep the truth hidden from you… 

So they can continue to siphon money from suffering people just like you. 

Do you know why they do that?


A cure for your infection would mean NO MORE Money For Their Pockets!!! 

And that’s no business for them.

No money for their sponsors (investors)

This is why they want you to be a lifelong customer of their medication – which doesn’t fix the problem permanently, but just covers it up by giving you antibiotics… 

So it comes back after some time. 

And you keep buying this antibiotic and that antibiotics from them.

You can take my advice right now or go to the pharmacy where they will give you expensive 7 sachets that can’t cure but manage the infection

so you can become a return customer every month… 

Imagine, taking 3+3+2 units of different tablets every day, that’s hell dangerous..

You are killing yourself gradually. 

Those in the medical field will not be happy that I am sharing this but it’s high time we expose the truth; even paracetamol has an effect on the kidney by consistent usage. 

I feel for you and I know you are so tired of sweet-mouth greedy people who have been selling bad stuff that never works. 

I wouldn’t do that to you as I know the pains involved in contacting this infection (Like i earlier said… even as a doctor, I couldn’t save my wife. It was that painful)

But the real FACT is:

There is a PERMANENT SOLUTION to your Infection! 

Hundreds of people, just like you, have been using this solution to their advantage and seeing fantastic results.

I want you to be healed and free from these worthless pains!

And it doesn’t matter:

  • Your age and how long you’ve had this infection.
  • Even if your doctor has told you that your disease is permanent and has no solution (that’s a big lie).
  • Now, you can finally say goodbye to the countless visits to your doctor, the depression, and tiredness that comes with STI, PID & UTI.

For example, Mary got it last week…

Here’s what she has to say.

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I bought this product and did not use it as soon as I received it. I have been suffering with the same problem forever. I have tried everything. I have been to my GYN several times. She has prescribed several different things that did not help. I finally decided that I would try INFECTION CLEANSE. I felt that I may as well try this. I actually thought it would be one more thing that wouldn't help me. Within a few days, my problem was gone and I mean gone. I am not getting paid to promote this product. I am writing this for women who have had similar problems. There are other infection product that do not work. Save your money and being disappointed again. Buy this product and do yourself a favor.

There’s even Chineye…

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This product is amazing! I swear by it💯. The price is the best by far for other companies with essentially identical products. Shipping was fast. Love it. A staple for any woman. I have yeast and digestive issues. As well as eczema problems. This helps a lot.

Or even Mr. Jacob

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A friend Introduced me to this Natural Solution last month and I got 4 packs. I decided to share it with my wife, after using it for about 17 days now, the changes we got are surprising. For over 3 years, we were diagnosed with staphylococus and it caused serious pain and anguish all over our body system. Now, the small boils all over my body and that of my wife have dried up, the internal heat is gone, and that worm-movement has stopped. Am surprised that this same staph I treated with thousand of naira and did so many test and treatment in top medical centres in lagos without any good improvement, just using your Infection Cleanse completely cured us. We have done another test after finishing the pack and it came out negative. You really need to tell more people about this solution, because I know of many colleagues at work suffering due to stubborn staph. thanks so much and God bless you!

Or Kemi from Abuja

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As someone with chronic yeast infections, I am constantly looking for new products to help me out. I have been using this product for a little less than a month and can definitely see an improvement. I have had less discomfort and pain which is all I can ask for! Will continue using this product💯

All of these were possible with this breakthrough newly discovered solution called…


If you’re really serious about ending that incessant pains and agony and staying infection-free…

INFECTION CLEANSE is the solution you’ve always wanted. 

Remember one thing… 

INFECTION CLEANSE is not a gimmick. It has been recommended by hundreds of health experts and those who became infection-free, and IT REALLY WORKS!

Best part? It was approved by NAFDAC in August 2021. 


The Factory price N25,000 (For a month dose)

But we are currently running a 3 years anniversary promo in our Nigeria office.

So you’re getting a whopping 40% discount off… Only Today

(Offer ends when the timer reaches zero).


That’s not all,

Instead of paying N1,500 (For Lagos delivery) and N2,500 (Outside Lagos delivery), we have partnered with Delivery companies to send the product down to your house address for FREE.

(It’s part of our anniversary fever)

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There are even more people that have used INFECTION CLEANSE in the last couple of months

Here is what they said:

Mrs Chukwudi
Mrs Chukwudi
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I'm normally really skeptical on products that are supposed to help with candida, but this works great! I tend to break out with hives if my candida is up. This has actually cleared it up where my hives were and helping with my immune system which is great! I would definitely purchase this again.
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Excellent product for vaginal flora. In addition to giving more mood and disposition in the day to day. I feel good and I will buy again ... It has helped me a lot with the candidiasis and has helped in general health.
Mrs Abike
Mrs Abike
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I love Infection - Cleanse! I have been up and back to my Dr. 3 times in the last few months with a really bad yeast infection caused by my birth control. I have been prescribed Diflucan and Flagyl as well as having completed two 7 day rounds of Monistat. Each time it would get a bit better for a few days and then come back. I was starting to feel hopeless and my doctor had told me that while the birth control was still in my system it probably wouldn't go away totally, so I would just have to deal with it and wait for it to cycle out. Then I ordered this online not really expecting much, but I thought it would be worth a shot. The very first day I took it I felt better! It did initially make my stomach a tiny bit queasy, but heck it was worth it! Today is my 3rd day and almost all of my symptoms are gone, no pain, itching or discharge! 🙂 Thank goodness I found this!


BUY 1 Pack: N15,000

(SAVE 10,000)

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Just in case you don’t know…

These are what infection will do to you if you don’t deal with it now:

  • Infertility as a result of infection might affect the ability to conceive
  • Poor sexual performance
  • Irregular menstrual flow
  • This infection will cause chronic, long-lasting pain in the vulva (the area surrounding the vagina) for ladies while for a man in the pelvic area.
  • Increase or change in the vaginal discharge, including gray, green, or yellow discharge.
  • Vaginal redness, swelling, itching, or pain. 
  • Vaginal odour. 
  • Burning with urination. 
  • Pain or bleeding during sex.
  • Vaginal prolapse, which may cause urination and bowel changes.
  • Rashes, sores, blisters, or lumps in the vaginal or vulvar area
  • Infertility in males & females these symptoms and pains.

And ultimately death…

I pray this never be your portion in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Anyways, the choice is entirely yours to make.

Whether to continue wasting money every month going from hospital to hospital…taking herbal medicines you buy from unverifiable sources which will eat up your intestine

The choice is entirely yours to make.

It is your life after all.

Finally, Time Is Of The Essence Here.

I don’t know if you’ll find this page the next time you return here.

If I still have it left or not.

Whosoever is ready now, gets it first.

That’s how I work.

I trust you’ll make the decision that favors you.

Be safe.

Dr. Nana

Still skeptical?

I get it.

So, let me make you…

The Boldest Guarantee Ever

You probably won’t need 60 days to know for certain that you’ve found a WINNER… 

Ah! finally, a solution that worked!

So let me be perfectly clear…

We Guarantee That Infection Cleanse Will Give You the Result You Are Looking For.

…if for any reason you’re not thrilled or satisfied with your results – give me a call or chat me up on WhatsApp here: (08100332638)

…you get a 100% refund of your entire money.

No questions asked. No excuses. No stories.

Let’s consider that a handshake deal, okay?

100% Money Back Guarantee.



Read More
I had been dealing with systemic Candida for at least 6 months before using Infection Cleanse. I had tried other antifungals as well as a low-carbohydrate diet with no change. After 2 weeks on Infection Cleanse I noticed a difference and after 6 weeks it's gone. I take it in the morning & night and I noticed that I have more energy and decreased appetite as well. I highly recommend Infection Cleanse.
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My Fiancé was diagnosed of staphylococcus aureus, we tried several antibiotics recommended but none seem to work for him to remove it permanently until we saw your info online, and I convinced him to go for the Infection Cleanse, within 4 weeks of using it now. He has done 2 tests later on and they came out negative. Thanks for this. I'm definitely recommending the products for my friends with any of such symptoms.



Sending this Infection Cleanse around the country costs us so much money yet we are willing to do it FREE of charge for you

But I’ll ask you for a tiny favour in exchange…

Please be sincere to us and yourself…

If you are not ready to receive our product (because it will be pure wickedness to send items to your states and you don’t pick up) Or will be travelling out of town within the next 1-3 days Or do not have cash available now, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE AN ORDER.

Hope you understand this?

However, if you’re really sure you’ll be getting this product but cash isn’t available at the moment, kindly let us know when you will have cash available and we will make reservations for you

Send us a message with your name, address, your phone number, the plan you want and when you want to receive the product to 08100332638.

We’ll notify you about your reservation when the date to receive your order of Infection Cleanse is due.

Thanks for understanding…

Please be sure you are FULLY ready for the product and have the money to pay at the point of delivery because we have a few stock for this HAPPY NEW MONTH PROMO”.

And if you won’t be available to pickup within the NEXT 48 hours... DON’T ORDER!

Fill in your details and click the “Place My Order” button below

NOTE: Before Placing This Order, Please Ensure You Verify The Price Listed There. And You’re Available With The Money To Collect Your Package When Delivered.

God Bless You!

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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Mrs. Anna
Mrs. Anna
Read More
I had a concern that I have gonorrhea my husband also gets a white milky discharge from the tip of his penis in the morning and some come out after urination. we used 500mg of an antibiotic for some time, but unfortunately did not work I stumbled upon your write-up online and with faith, I ordered for the Infection Cleanse and we started using it within 3 weeks of using the herbal treatment, the symptoms are gone. we also went for medical check up, and we were cleared. thanks so much easing our pains and saving us from this embarrassment.
Order Before (11:59pm, [wpdts item="date"]) & Get Free Delivery.


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