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Even After Failed IVF’s, IUI’s Or
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 I know you’re tired…

Tired of having to see a gynecologist every month.

Tired of using drugs upon drugs, yet no improvement.

Tired of spending money on tests and scans over and over again.

 It’s understandable…

It’s a frustrating experience

But one thing I can guarantee you is this…

Just 1 thing…


Here is a testimonial from Mrs. Kamsy Ofoegbu who couldn’t have a child for 1 year after marriage until she used this product.

Here’s what she said after using the tea for less than 1 month…

Here’s also another testimonial from Mrs. Ndufa  Adeniyi.

Also, here is another Testimonial from Mrs. Chioma Marcus who struggled to conceive for 3 years

Here’s what she said after using the tea for 6-8 weeks..

This tea has proven to be the MOST EFFECTIVE of all time…

Here’s also another testimonial from Mrs. Chizoba.

Also, here is another testimonial from Mrs. Soniya Tersoo.

…and Mr. & Mrs. Ajanigo 

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  • Unhealthy ovulation
  • Anovulation
  • Poor egg quality
  • Fallopian tubes blockage
  • Womb disorder
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Menstruation problems
  • Infection
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cyst
  • No Monthly Periods… at all
  • Feel scared and worried every time your menses draw close because of severe cramps you experience.
  • No monthly periods… at all.
  • Currently experience the side effects of some drugs. recommended to you by doctors that does not address root cause of your problem.
  • Bleeding heavier or lighter than usual.
  • Feeling guilty about your inability to conceive.
  • Being worried about not been able carry a pregnancy for 9 full months.
  • Feeling scared & worried when your menses date draws close because of the severe cramps you used to experience.
  • Battling with high prolactin (You are not pregnant or breast feeding but your breast milk is coming out).
  • Experiencing miscarriage after miscarriage.
  • Experiencing the side effects of some drugs recommended to you by your doctor that does not address the root cause of your problem.

Don’t be Alarmed…

For I am about to show you the last remedy you will ever need to eliminate infertility…

I mean the very last



Over 1749 persons have used this and  came back with awesome testimonies of it’s effectiveness

(30 Teabags In A Pack)

The Fertility Boost XX is a counter-intuitive approach to getting pregnant naturally in, potentially, a FEW short weeks. 
It allows you to conceive without having to go through dreadful and frustrating IVF cycles. And it works even if you had multiple miscarriages in the past.
It achieves this by using tried-and-true ancient herbal remedy mixed with ancient eastern wisdom that can ignite your fertility and help you conceive. 
The Fertility Boost XX empowers you to feel embodied and tapped into your fertility. 
It requires nothing more than faithfully following its prescriptions. And it takes just a couple of minutes per day to do so.
As a result…you’ll hopefully be able to conceive naturally and finally become a mom.

With this Fertility Boost XX…

You can:

  • Clear toxins and waste in the womb.
  • Promotes egg quality.
  • Balances reproductive hormones.
  • Promotes womb health.
  • Restores fallopian tubes.
  • Promotes menstrual health.
  • Cleanses infection.
  • Improves ovulation health.
  • Helps in anti-inflammation of the womb.
  • Combat and prevents uterine fibroids.
  • Prevents gynecological diseases
  • Completely reverse any infertility complications.
  • Aggressively address the root-cause of fibroid without any chance of it resurfacing again.
  • Completely detoxify and cleanse your reproductive system from every form of toxins and free radicals.
  • Permanently restore your menstrual cycle to it’s normal state.
  • Improve your reproductive life dramatically and improve your general body health.

By the way …

You don’t have to worry about side effects as this is 100% purely organic tea that can be dissolved into water and taken before breakfast, as an afternoon boost and evening drink, and is tasty too.

These are few testimonies to what we get on a daily basis.

And they aren’t made up 

So Dear Friend,

Wouldn’t you want to?

  • Free yourself of infertility troubles.
  • Be totally free from menstrual inconsistencies.
  • Be free from hormonal imbalances issues preventing you from conceiving.
  • Put a stop to all fibroid growth in your womb.
  • Finally enjoy your sexual life….

Well, I know you want nothing lesser than this…

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I know you’re already thinking,


First, you need to know that the herbs used to produce Fertility Boost XX was imported directly from China down to Nigeria.

And it costs a lot of money to preserve them from China down to Nigeria.

Plus it had to take 35 professionally certified herbal specialists to finely produce Fertility Boost XX.

  • Longan Leaf: Is a natural herb that helps to soothe the respiratory tracts, helps with pains and fights infections in the body
  • Vitex Berry: Its also known as Chasteberry which is popular for reducing symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and hormone balancing
  • Ginger Root: Is a natural root which according to research helps to provide your reproductive organs with the nutrients required for healthy fertility, conception and pregnancy.
  • Dong Quai Root: Is a herbal root that is used for menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. It is also considered a blood purifier that helps manage infertility by cleansing the system of every “tired blood” and prevent allergic attacks.
  • Red Date: This helps to strengthen the immune system (anti-cancer abilities and fighting disease) and stabilizes blood pressure. It also help to improve sleep and resting better.
  • Chinese Wolfberry: According to Chinese women health association, the chinese wolfberry is highly potent in anti-aging properties and strong immune properties that helps the body fight every infection that comes into body contact.
  • Rose Flower: Due to its antiseptic properties and the fact rose water can prompt the creation of histamines by the immune system, it has been shown to be useful for preventing and treating infections in the human body.

Think about how much it will cost to get an IVF done.

It costs N850,000 to N1,600,000 for an IVF.

And this is if it even works…

…as so many IVF fails.

And you won’t even get back your money.

So, if you get Fertility Boost XX  for N50,000 it will be worth it.

Because, you will certainly get results.

…or we refund your entire money.

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99% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend!


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