Do you want a PLAN for improving your chance of getting pregnant?

Tools and strategies proven by research to improve your chance of pregnancy

Are You Overwhelmed With:

Not knowing the EXACT steps you need to take to improve the chance of conceiving?

Wishing you had a plan but feeling lost on how to get one?

Feeling left behind friends and family as they move forward with their family dreams?

The loss of control and uncertainly of your fertility journey?

You knew EXACTLY what to do each day to improve your chance of conception?

You felt in control, confident and hopeful for your future.

Together we created a PLAN to help you meet your baby sooner.

Hi, I’m Dominic
After years of working with patients having fertility challenges, I became passionate about helping  women realize their dream of a family.

To date, I have helped hundreds of women empower themselves with research-based tools for improving pregnancy outcomes.

I understand…

  • The rollercoaster of emotions you go through each cycle
  • The constant worry and uncertainty that this journey brings
  • How it feels to want something so desperately.
    The reason I am here and you are reading this is because I have found a simple and natural way to help improve your chance of pregnancy (and the best part, it’s all based on research!).

Introducing The Fertility Formula

Here’s what customers just like you are saying…

Mrs. Cynthia Uka
Mrs. Cynthia Uka@username
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“I have been following your program now for 2 months and really like the holistic approach it takes. Nutrition + exercise + stress support have really opened my eyes up to how important lifestyle is for getting pregnant.I feel like before I started the program I didn’t have a plan. Now I know that I am taking the right steps to get pregnant and I hope my miracle is right around the corner.”
Mrs. Aisha Jibrin
Mrs. Aisha Jibrin@username
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“ I feel so thankful having found this program. I wish I knew about it earlier in my journey. Stress has always been a big issue for me, so knowing I am doing the right things to support myself is such a help. Plus the stress support within the program has been really helpful for me. I now have actual tools to help manage my thoughts. I really appreciate it all. Thank you”
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“Just 2 words. THANK YOU. I feel so grateful that I found your page and program. I was feeling super confused about what to do to help me get pregnant. The changes I made helped me feel more in control of my situation and helped me also to have more energy and sleep better. I JUST announced to my family that we are finally pregnant and I just wanted to let you know since I think this program really helped me reach my goal."
Amanda Chijioke
Amanda Chijioke@username
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“I purchased the Fertility Formula program in January and have to say that I really loved the meal plan. I was nervous it would be too restrictive but I honestly fell in love with the plan. I think having that to focus on gave me the confidence that I was going things right. Anyways, I just wanted to write you this morning and let you know that I am expecting. I’m only 6.6 weeks but needed to share my news *cue happy dance*

The Fertility Formula is for you if…

You are planning or actively trying to conceive

The Fertility Formula program provides the steps to help prepare your body for pregnancy with research-based guidance from fertility experts

You are READY to make changes.

There is A LOT you can do to improve your chance of pregnancy – we want to show you the simple steps to get there

You are looking for more…

More support, more research-based tools, more HOPE. Our team will show you how to best support your body + mind and increase your chance of pregnancy

What you will learn in The Fertility Formula

How to use the RIGHT nutrition to improve your time to pregnancy

How to eat to improve egg quality, balance hormones and support implantation

What the research says about PCOS – how to tackle it and improve your chances of getting pregnant

Here’s The Exact 4-Step Formula Revealed In The Fertility Formula Book So You Can Get Pregnant

  Step 1 – Mind-Priming – Develop a Pregnancy-Friendly Mindset (First off, we’ll ensure you have the right state of mind, with the appropriate belief system to get you pregnant.)

  Step 2 – Hormones Balancing – Getting Your Body In Sync (We’ll tune up your body from the inside out to make sure it is a safe and healthy temple for your baby to grow in. But also for you to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.)

  Step 3 – Resilient Mama Coping – How To Keep Going When You Haven’t Conceived Yet (Once your mind and body are tuned up, you can expect to get pregnant very quickly. However, there will be a time just before you get pregnant, when you might feel disempowered and when you just want to give up. So in this step, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ll provide you with surefire ways to cope with that sensitive period of TTC so you can keep going no matter what.)

  Step 4 – Healthy Pregnancy – Ensuring Healthy Pregnancy & Easy Labor (By this time, you’d hopefully be pregnant. You’ll pick up the Fertility Formula book and go to this chapter to discover how to ensure a healthy pregnancy and easy labor.)

These are the 4-steps to getting pregnant safely and naturally.

All of this is revealed in the 64 pages of the Fertility Formula ebook in step-by-step detail.

Making it a counter-intuitive approach to become pregnant and have someone calling you “mommy.”

And that’s not all, because…

I Want To Make Sure You Have Everything You Need To Get Pregnant So Here Are A Couple Of FREE Bonuses

Here’s What Else You’re Going To Discover In The Fertility Formula

  The #4 Misconceptions That Compromise Doctors’ Judgments And Make Them Give Up On Your Case (Page 8)

  How These 4 Misconceptions Are Being Forced Into Women’s Minds… Destroying Their Hopes And Dreams Of Becoming MomsHave You Dealt With One Of These? (Page 9-15)

  The « IVF-Myth » And Why IVF Is Not As Effective As You Think It Is. (Page 13)

  The Hidden Reason Why Some Women Reap Solely Despair And Frustration From Treatment Plans, Medications, And IVF. (Page 14

 The Reason Why Some Women (Who Are 40+) Are Able To Conceive Easily While Others Struggle Painfully (Page 17)

 No Matter How Much Money You Spend On Treatments If Your « Operations Room » Isn’t Set Up Correctly, You Might Never Get Pregnant. (Page 18)

 How You Can Take Control Of Your « Operations Room » In 5 Minutes And Instruct It To Fertilize Your Reproductive System.

 Contrary To Popular Belief, Discover Why There Is No Such Thing As Infertility. (Page 21

 Discover The #1 Most Overlooked Fertility Killer (It’s Not Smoking Or Drinking Alcohol) (Page 22

 This Is What’s Putting Hormones Out Of Balance And Compromising Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant (Page 26)

 The Step-By-Step Protocol To Rebalance Your Hormones And Make Your Body A Fertile Ground. (Page 29)

  This Specific Type Of Food Is What Your Body Might Be Craving In Order To Have A Baby (It’s NOT Folic Acid) (Page 30)

 The Egg-Booster Protocol To Become As Fertile As A 21-Year Old Young Lady. (Page 36

 Secret Technique To Empower Yourself On Your TTC Journey So You Can Achieve Your Dream Of Becoming A Mom(Page 44)

 Discover The Nutrients Your Body Needs To Ensure Your Baby Is Healthy And Will Be Born With No Birth Defects Even If You’re Over 40 (Page 55)

 Once You’re Pregnant, Make Sure To Ban These Foods That Are Threatening To Your Baby’s Health (Page 56)

 If You Want An Easy Labor, Read The “How To Ensure An Easy Labor” Chapter (Page 59)

If your goal is to become a mom, then the Fertility Formula is exactly what you’re looking for.

And Before You Buy The Fertility Formula e-Book…
I Want You To Know That There’s No Catch!

I’m fully aware that when it comes to TTC…  
The journey is often tinged with doubt, fear, distrust, and even terror. 
On top of all that… 
It can be financially challenging… to say the least.
So the last thing I’d want is to add another financial burden for you.
This is why I’m pricing the Fertility Formula at the ridiculously low price of ₦3000.
The last thing I’d want in the world is to talk you into something you’re not interested in. 
So if you’re just slightly interested in the Fertility Formula…
I encourage you to grab it today.
Because I simply cannot guarantee how long it’d be priced at ₦3000
You might be wondering if there’s a “catch”
Because sadly, there are some shady websites out there that offer you a great deal on something… 
… but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.
This isn’t one of them. 
There’s NO hidden “continuity program” you have to try or anything even remotely close to that.
I’m sharing with you the Fertility Formula (and all the bonuses) for the symbolic price of ₦3000.
The reason it’s priced so low is that I’m not after money. 
My only wish is to receive a message from you, a few weeks or months from now, telling me that you’re pregnant.
That’s what matters to me.
And if you remember me once your baby is born, and send me some photos of that lovely angel…
I’d be the happiest person on the planet that day.
With that being said… 
There is ONE thing to keep in mind…

This Won’t Last Long

I had a 2-hour-long argument with my team because they said:

 “It’s not viable to sell at this price. We’re gonna go bankrupt selling at this price.” 
They tried to deceive me from sharing the Fertility Formula at ₦3000
And to be honest with you… 
They were right. 
And we’re taking losses by selling it at this price.
But I wanted to make this available to as many women as possible…
… regardless of their financial situation.
So here’s the deal I worked out with my team…
For a couple of days, we share the Fertility Formula at ₦3000.
And then once taking losses becomes threatening to our futures… we’ll raise the price.
I have no idea when that would happen.
But at the moment of writing of this… 
It looks like it’s gonna be in the next few hours…  
If you’re reading this, it means that the Fertility Formula (and all the bonuses) are still at ₦3000
So please hurry up and grab it right now.
For Direct Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit, Pay To:
Account Name: Dominic Chimezie Nkoro
Account Number: 2006035743
Bank: Kuda Microfinance Bank
Send Proof Of Payment On WhatsApp: 09047413818

Click The WhatsApp Link Below To Contact Me and Get Your Copy For ₦3000..

Here’s Everything You’re Getting 
For Only ₦3000 Today

The Fertility Formula eBook

64-page eBook where you discover the ins and outs of the Fertility Formula.

Bonus #1: 7 Easy Steps To Reverse PCOS

If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant because of PCOS, this guide will help you reverse PCOS symptoms.

Bonus #2: Fertility Meditation: Manifest Your Baby

Guided meditations will help you manifest your baby into reality.

Bonus #3: Fertility Affirmations: Rewire Your Brain For Fertility

Daily affirmations to rewire your brain and prepare it for pregnancy.

Bonus #4: 7 Acupressure Points To Boost Your Fertility

These ancient eastern technique are proven to boost fertility. You can do them at home, no equipment needed.

Bonus #5: 9 Foods That Supercharge Male Fertility

Conceiving is a team sport. Therefore, we included this guide to help your partner easily improve his fertility.

Bonus #6: The Ultimate Fertility Diet

Discover what foods will boost your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant

Bonus #7: 10 Fertility Killers To be Avoided Like The Plague

A detailed list of foods and drinks that you should avoid at all costs if you want to conceive a healthy baby.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside The Book

Are You Ready To?

✓ Make the most of each cycle by optimizing your body and mind for pregnancy?

✓ Save time and stop sifting through all the “advice” and research out there and just have a plan that you can follow that has been proven to improve pregnancy outcomes?

✓ Make the changes you have been thinking and wanting to make but have been too overwhelmed to start?

✓ Get off the emotional rollarcoatser and feel more in control, confident and hopeful about your fertility journey?

Who Is This eBOOK For?

This ebook is not for everybody but….

It’s for you if…

1. You are looking for a natural way to tackle infertility.

It’s for you if…

2. You believe that you will carry your own babies.

It’s for you if…

3. You have tried several magic supplements or teas that failed you.

4. You can follow the instructions in the eBook as it stated.

It’s for you if…

5. You can read an eBook (softcopy) on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

This Fertility Formula special offer really is special. I have poured my heart and soul into creating this offer with the goal being of helping you become a mom.

You’ll get the Fertility Formula eBook that you can download and read from anywhere and on any device. And you also get the bonuses previously mentioned that will help you overcome any other challenges you might be facing on your TTC journey.

What is the Fertility Formula?

The Fertility Formula is a counterintuitive way to get pregnant safely and naturally. It is an eBook that empowers you and gives you the tools to get pregnant without relying on external solutions. It will help you boost your chances of getting pregnant and becoming a mom.

Who is this for?

This is for women who have been struggling to get pregnant and become mothers. This is for women who have been told they have unexplained infertility and that there is no point to keep trying. This is for women who have tried the common wisdom solutions and haven’t seen any success with them

“I’m going through IVF. Can I still use the Fertility Formula?”

100%. The Fertility Formula has been designed to dispose you of using other solutions. However, if you’re going through, or planning to go through, IVF or other methods then the Fertility Formula will be ultra beneficial for you. It will increase your success rate and act as a support system for what you’re already doing.

“For how long do I have access to the Fertility Formula?”

You have lifetime access to the Fertility Formula. And you access the content from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a phone. In fact, you can download the content and consume it even when you don’t have internet access.

“How long before I get pregnant?”

I would love to say next week. But the truth is I can’t make such a definitive promise. However, I can tell you that by applying what I teach in the Fertility Formula, your chances of getting pregnant will be through the roof. Don’t be surprised if you get pregnant just a few weeks from now.

“I really want the Fertility Formula, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to read it “

I completely understand your concern. But here’s why you should not be worried at all about this: The Fertility Formula is a no-fluff e-book. Unlike some other books, which are 400 pages and would require tens of hours to finish, the Fertility Formula is an easy read with action items to help you apply your learnings right away and get pregnant. 

“What if I don’t like it? Is there a guarantee?”

Absolutely. My goal is to help you get pregnant and become a mom. But if you feel like the Fertility Formula hasn’t lived up to your hopes, then our 90-days money-back guarantee got you covered. Just send a message to 09047413818  and we’ll refund your purchase.

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